About me / Über mich / Píosa beag fúmsa

My name is Laura and I’m a language student from Ireland studying Italian, German and Irish. A self professed Italophile and foodie, I’m constantly suffering from an incurable case of what the Germans call fernweh–  an ache for distant places; a craving to travel.  Last year I spent my Erasmus year in Leipzig, Germany, and haven’t shut up about it since. I started this blog with the intention of sharing some of my experiences living abroad and travelling around Europe. These travels were often financed by the most paltry means which sometimes meant enduring 16 hour airport stopovers, 10 hour bus journeys or sharing a hostel dorm with twenty complete strangers instead of forking out for the more expensive option.

I gave my blog the name ‘bellino’ which is a Tuscan variant of the Italian word ‘bello’  with the hope that it would foreshadow some of the nice things I’ll write about.